What is Microsoft AZURE ?
Azure is actually a cloud computing platform. It provides a wide variety of cloud services.It bridges the gap between a user and server. We can say Azure plays a role of an intermediator where azure itself is a cloud computing service between a user and host (server). It provides its users with multiple cloud services instead of other cloud service providers as Google cloud, IBM etc.

Key Features
✓ Improvised database.
✓ Daily backup.
✓ Immidiate.

✓ Virtual network.

The accessibility of high-limit organizations, ease PCs and capacity gadgets just as the boundless appropriation of equipment virtualization, administration arranged engineering and autonomic and utility processing has prompted development in cloud computing.

By 2019, Linux was the most generally utilized working framework, remembering for Microsoft’s contributions and is along these lines portrayed as dominant. The Cloud Service Provider will screen, keep up and accumulate information about the firewalls, interruption recognizable proof or/and balancing activity structures and data stream inside the organisation.

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