Where is Virtual Reality Taking Us?

For some years, Virtual Reality (VR) has been the “next big thing,” but its time has now arrived as a technique to generate realistic visuals, sounds, and other sensations that immerse you in a fantastical world. Augmented reality (AR), which adds virtual items to your real-world environment, is the talk of the town, and both technologies should play a big role in our future.

Virtual Reality — VR Goggles

You can use Mixed Reality to play a virtual video game, then take your real-world water bottle and whack an imagined character from the game with it (MR). Imagination and reality have never been so linked before.

Because so much is changing so quickly, the distinctions between VR, AR, and MR can seem perplexing at first. Virtual reality augmented reality, and mixed reality is all available to virtually anybody, but before you spend your hard-earned cash on the latest head-mounted display, take a closer look at what you’ll need for a fantastic VR, AR, or MR experience.

As early as the 1930s, science fiction writers, inventors, and tinkerers imagined a world where you might escape reality through art and technology. In the 1950s, peer-through toys were popular, and enclosed flight simulators were launched in the 1960s, but virtual reality has a much older history.

Long before we had the technology to make them conceivable, we were debating the merits of Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality.

Technology has caught up to fiction, and market analysts expect that the VR industry will grow quickly.

Hovercrafts and moving platforms, in addition to the cockpit effect, can be used as solutions. Your physical room-scale movement offers you locomotion on the deck of your floating vehicle in the Vive launch game Hover Junkers, while you use your controller to maneuver the vessel throughout the bigger environment.

And there’s a section in one of Valve’s The Lab’s minigames when the room you’re in (set in the Portal universe) begins to move, as if on a conveyor belt. The mix of real-world movement, the cockpit effect, and world movement on rails results in a satisfying, nausea-free experience.

Without having entire warehouses to play in or placing players in a super-smart treadmill that allows them to travel in any direction without physically moving anywhere, it’s difficult to see where a more natural approach than the present possibilities may come from (not something you would expect to find a place for in every living room).

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Then there are virtual reality movies, which may become indistinguishable from virtual reality games over time. You’re right there in the action, not just a passive viewer, just as in games, which has filmmakers scratching their heads about how to focus an audience’s attention or place the camera’s point of view.

What we might see are fresh new forms of virtual reality entertainment, such as game and movie hybrids that integrate interaction and storytelling in novel ways. Virtual reality isn’t expected to replace traditional movies anytime soon, but it can help them evolve.

Despite these caveats, we’re quite thrilled about the virtual reality future we’re going towards — after all, with technology as new and groundbreaking as VR, some challenges are to be expected. The brilliant minds who invented these new devices are hard at work improving them, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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